A downloadable game for Android

Play this challenging latest jump game and test your skills. Compete with your friends to reach the highest level of the latest jump cube , while experiencing the joy of playing this enthralling game. The cross moving characters will grab your attention and will challenge you to go further.


--> Available on the Android platform. 

How To Play Latest Jump? 

--> Download the Latest Jump game 
--> Tap on the Latest Jump Game to play
--> Select the characters
--> Tap to Jump
--> Collect the power boosters
--> Reach as far as you can within the time limit

Follow these steps to indulge yourself in this enthralling experience and be part of this fun game. 

Features of Latest Jump Game 

1. Free Download
2. Easy To Play
3. High-quality Graphics
4. Attention-grabbing Animation
5. Flooded Jump Booster
6. Play Jump game online/offline
7. Earn Points

How Point System Works?
Earn the highest point according to jump on different blocks color. 

--> Yellow - 1
--> Green - 2
--> Pink - 3
--> Blue - 6
--> Sky Blue - 4
--> Red - 5

How You Can Check The Ranking? 

Leaderboard helps you check your ranking status. Leaderboard provides Highest Scores, Top percentage, Ranking Status, and helps you improve your rankings. 

This engaging jump game app will keep you glued and will improve your hand and eye coordination while lowering the stress level. This latest jump game ruling the gaming world of 2019 and providing users with incredible gaming experience.

Install instructions

Requires Android

4.1 and up


Latest-Jump--Download-Free-Jump-Game-for-Android_v1.5pakage.apk 32 MB

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